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Mechatronics program partners with Siemens for unique career opportunities

If you are looking for a technology education that prepares you for a wide range of careers in the field, explore the possibilities of Mechatronics at WCCC. Mechatronics is a new, interdisciplinary field that involves the study

STUDENT STORY | Samantha Lantz, AFA graduate

Samantha Lantz of Greensburg came to WCCC as an undecided major after graduating from high school. With the guidance and support of her WCCC faculty and advisors, Lantz earned an associate of fine arts degree and successfully

WCCC alumnus competes in worldwide culinary competition

Just how far can you go with a degree from WCCC? How about ranking as one of the top chefs in the United States and being chosen to represent the entire country in a prestigious international culinary

Retraining for a new career Jim Schellhammer

When the industrial maintenance facility he worked at closed in 2011, Jim Schellhammer returned to college for the first time in 30 years to help him begin a new career. Jim was interested in becoming an expert

Opportunity. Honors. Recognition. Advanced scholarship opportunities at WCCC

Looking to go above and beyond a normal college education? Westmoreland County Community College offers numerous advanced scholarship opportunities through programs, seminars, research and student activities. The Honors Program at WCCC allows students and faculty to work