The Value of a Business Degree

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The value of a business degree is equated to the effort put into it. No effort = no value. A lot of effort = a lot of value. What’s your value?

Business Students Job Outlook

“The Job Outlook for the College Class of 2013” report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) states, “New grads with business, engineering and computer science degrees are the most sought after at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.”

Business Degrees Dominate the Top 10

The NACE report places business degrees at the forefront of the most in-demand degrees. Half of the top 10 listed are business-related:

Finance. A degree in finance prepares professionals for a number of jobs. Some work in the finance offices of major corporations, while others work providing financial advice to individuals. Many who earn a bachelor’s in finance go on to get a master’s of business administration (MBA).

Accounting. After earning a bachelor’s degree, accountants typically become certified public accountants (CPAs) and work for individuals or in the finance department of companies, ensuring all financial records are accurate and all taxes are paid.

Business Administration. Those who earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration are preparing themselves for a leadership role within a business operation. Many move on to attain a master’s in business administration.

Marketing. Marketers generate interest in a product and find the most effective channels for reaching the target audience. A marketing degree prepares you for an entry-level position in a marketing department, working with other teams such as creative, sales and finance.

Economics. A degree in economics prepares you to take on a job studying the production and distribution of money and resources within an economy. More than half of all economists work for local, state or federal governments.

WCCC offers the following degree paths that students can pursue:

Business Administration – Associate of Arts Degree

This two-year degree is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university and earn a bachelor’s degree in a business field.

Business – Associate of Applied Science Degree

This two-year degree program is designed to enable students to gain entry-level employment in business-related fields. Coursework covers basic working knowledge of general business theory and practice, the use of current technology appropriate to business operations and the ability to communicate effectively within a business environment. At WCCC, students have the option to specialize in various areas including:

  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business
  • Supply Chain Management

What degree path do you choose?

A degree in business management is arguably the most versatile of them all. Business, a broad field of study that covers everything from marketing and information systems to leadership and human resources, owes much of its value to that same breadth. Business management students acquire knowledge and essential competencies in all foundational areas of modern business, across all industries and their subsectors.

Rather than confine themselves to a certain profession or industry, business management students render themselves attractive to employers of all kinds. Some of the most common professional titles open to business management degree holders exist across industries. Supervisors, shift managers, assistant managers, project managers, directors of operations, directors of finance and so forth are ubiquitous positions in fields ranging from healthcare to home construction.

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