Brawn to Brains

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Westmoreland County Community College offers multiple paths to career success in Computer Numerical Control, Machine Technology and Manufacturing Technology.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)


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Employment in the machining industry is increasing at a steady rate, creating a need for more trained machinists.  In order to compete with foreign manufacturers, Westmoreland County shops are increasing the number of computer numerical controlled machines as well as other automated equipment.  This has created a need for technicians, programmers and operators that is not being met at the present time.  WCCC offers associate degree and certificate programs for students studying the computer numerical control of machining equipment.  Students will begin their studies in software programming of CNC mills and lathes by using MasterCAM software.  Job opportunities for graduates would be as CNC machinists, CNC operators and CNC programmers.

Machine Technology

WCCC offers associate degree and certificate programs for students studying the manual machining process.  The Machine Technology associate degree or certificate programs provide students with the basic skills to work in an entry level position in the machining field.  The class and lab experiences will help the student develop skills in the use of common hand tools, operation of metal cutting machines, and the use of precision measuring instruments.  Students will also be taught manual parts programming using the industrial standard G-code format.  Students will operate CNC mills and manual lathes creating parts using their programs.  Potential job opportunities for graduates include positions as tool and die makers, production machinists and precision machinists.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Process Technology Option

The manufacturing process technology option is an AAS program designed to prepare students to gain entry level positions working with automated systems. In the program, students will work hands-on as they test, operate, program, modify and repair automated manufacturing systems. Graduates work in positions requiring skills in product flow, quality control and problem solving.

Many career options are available with this program including manufacturing technicians, automation technicians, electromechanical technicians, plant technicians, method analysis technicians and testing and quality control technicians.

Nanofabrication Manufacturing Option

Looking to do manufacturing on a microscopic level? The nanofabrication manufacturing option is designed to prepare students to work in the nanofabrication/semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Students will study manufacturing at WCCC for three semesters, then transfer to the Nanofabrication Facility at Penn State University (PSU) to complete their degree requirements. Students will pay the WCCC tuition rate for the entire program.

Many positions are available as manufacturing technicians with industries that include semiconductor manufacturing, opto electronics, biomedical applications and microelectro mechanical devices.

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